Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 2: Smooth Sailing and Plenty of Food

Two down and 37 to go. Today was easier, faster, and more comfortable. After I positioned myself in the pod, the therapists checked the positioning (of me and the equipment), and determined that it was all ready to go. My gantry (#3, aka Yellow) was first in line for the next available beam. The cyclotron produces only one beam of protons, which is switched back and forth between the three gantries, so often it's necessary to wait a few minutes after everything else is ready--but not this time.

A little after the treatment, it was time for the Lunch Bunch. This is a free lunch hosted at PTI every Wednesday for PTI patients, their caregivers, and any medical or technical staff personnel who are not busy doing something else. The food is not memorable, but each lunch is accompanied by a presentation by a PTI person on some aspect of their work. Today was a talk by some researchers about the various kinds of research conducted at PTI--why, how, by whom, etc.  We also heard a few words from several alumni (patients who were back for follow-up checks), and graduates (patients who were just finishing their treatments). All of them were very grateful for the care they had received at PTI. Finally, newbies just starting treatments were invited to speak...I said how much I appreciated not just the technical skills of the doctors, nurses, and other staff, but also how friendly, helpful, and downright cheerful everyone was. It really is an excellent environment.

Later in the day, Third and Main hosted a pot-luck Luau. They provided pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, beans, drinks, plates, and cutlery, and patients and caregivers were invited (but not required) to bring a dish. There was an abundance of fried chicken and desserts, including some of Ursula's famous pecan muffins. It was a good chance to get to know other Third and Main folks.

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