Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Long Morning

My early morning treatment streak is still alive. Treatment time today was 7:50 am, and it will be again tomorrow. One of the main benefits of an early time is that there is less time for things to go wrong, hence less delay. That isn't always true, however. This morning there was a problem in the mechanism that rotates the beam apparatus in my scheduled gantry. Sounds simple, but it took the engineers much of the morning to fix it.

We kept thinking it would be working soon, and I kept draining and then refilling my bladder in preparation for the treatment. It's tricky repeating the drain-and-fill process; draining doesn't get all of the water out, so filling with another full quart is actually over-filling. By the time I got my treatment at 11:55 am, I had a more full bladder than desirable--or comfortable--but I managed to get through the treatment without an embarrassing accident.

I'm assuming everything will go more smoothly tomorrow.

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