Monday, July 10, 2017

The Final Week

Today, I had my 4th-to-the-last treatment. I also had my last weekly visit with my doctor, and got my discharge instructions: what to do and not do after treatment. That will take an entire post, later.

Tomorrow, Ursula and I will go to our last group lunch with our PTI friends, a seafood restaurant near the beach.

Wednesday, we'll attend our last Wednesday Lunch Bunch / meeting at the PTI, 2nd floor, where I'll be one of the graduates (those who have completed treatment, or will complete it before the following Wednesday lunch). As a graduate, I'll be invited to say a few words...I've been working on my remarks, which I'll publish in a later post. After lunch, I'll join the other graduates in the atrium for a group picture.

Thursday, I'll have my last treatment. Soon after, I'll go to the atrium and swing the rope connected to the large chimes hanging from two stories up. The chime-ringing is usually well-attended and accompanied by applause, congratulations, a variety of photo ops, and even a tear or two.

Everything afterwards will probably feel anti-climactic. We'll say good bye to our new friends, pack up our belongings, and make the bare apartment presentable (we have guidelines from Third and Main on what we need to do). Then we'll be ready to go back to our "real life."

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