Thursday, November 3, 2016

Forms Day

Big paperwork day today. First, Ursula and I went online to take advantage of the TCC Benefits open enrollment period, which ends tomorrow. She removed me from her health insurance (HMO), effective January 1, so I can start depending on Medicare. Otherwise I run the risk of being in the middle of treatment when her insurance ends, at her retirement.

Next I submitted forms online to get ready for a consultation meeting to prepare for a colonoscopy. It seems that if you’re going to be 70 soon, you need to have a consultation before you can get a colonoscopy. Who knew it would be that difficult?

After that I spent an hour waiting for a call back from Social Security so I could find out what forms I need to add Part B coverage to my Medicare, as of January 1. I did get the forms, but they can wait a little bit. Since tomorrow is the last day of TCC's Benefits open enrollment, their HR department may not be eager (or able) to fill out a continuous health insurance coverage form for me, and I need that before I can send in the main Part B form.

Finally, I prepared nine pages of forms to send to UF Health to apply for proton beam therapy; the good news is that I could email a PDF of the package to them rather than make a trip to the Post Office and wait for the USPS to make their appointed rounds in Jacksonville. Now UF Health can start getting the medical records I authorized them to get, and start on their preliminary assessment of my fitness for the proton beam therapy. Their final assessment will be made (or not) at our consultation meeting which will be after they've had time to review what they're getting now.

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