Thursday, November 24, 2016

Plans for 2017

Here’s the current plan for 2017, based on what I learned and decided on yesterday.

Early January: go to Jacksonville for the detailed MRI, a chest x-ray, a bone density scan, and the first ADT shot.

Late March: go back to Jacksonville for the Simulation phase, which will take two or three days. During this visit, I will have a series of imaging studies and procedures, which will help develop my personalized treatment plan. The procedures include placing fiducials (three small gold markers) in my prostate and creating a customized body mold to hold me in the same position for each treatment. Together, these will help ensure that the proton beam will go exactly where it’s supposed to go each time. Following this visit, the PTI team will develop my personalized treatment plan, which may take two to three weeks to complete.

Mid-April: back to Jacksonville again, for the proton beam treatments. I’ll be there for five and a half weeks, going home on weekends.

After that: follow-up tests, as needed.

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